Everything You Need To Know About Laser Machine Repair And Maintenance

Posted by Admin on November, 29, 2022

There are plenty of ways to keep a CO2 laser operating safely and efficiently. One of those ways is by maintaining it regularly. Several things can go wrong if the right steps are not taken to maintain your machine.

You can extend the life of your laser by performing proper maintenance. This ensures it is performing at its highest potential, and saving you money on component replacements. A preventable breakdown shouldn't delay business! This article provides tips for effective laser machine repair and maintenance.

Why are repair and maintenance necessary?

When lasers are well maintained, they last longer. Regular service is essential for keeping all the parts working and calibrating the unit. By ensuring your unit lasts as long as possible, you reduce your equipment costs while gaining word-of-mouth referrals from happy clients.

Lasers today are expensive. You should maintain your laser regularly to protect your investment and make sure it operates at its best.

Tips For Laser Machine Repair

A trained and experienced technician is essential when it comes to laser machine repairs. You need to train your staff in repairing laser machines if you have an in-house team.

To stay on top of new technology and developments, they must undergo such training regularly.

If you bought the equipment from a reputable dealer, make sure you buy OEM parts from them.

Find out who provides the best repair services for your type of equipment by conducting thorough research.

How Often Should You Clean It?

A laser manufacturer usually recommends routine maintenance twice a year. A six-month checkup ensures your laser continues to operate properly, so it can provide optimal results. As an added benefit, laser service every six months will catch small issues early, making corrections easier and less expensive.

Another advantage of servicing lasers every six months is convenience. It's easier to schedule your laser maintenance around servicing events if you maintain your laser regularly.

Tips For Maintaining Your Laser Machine

Your machine requires periodic maintenance to ensure that it performs at its optimal level. Every machine is going to have dust and debris as a result of the operation. You should regularly clean your machine, especially the cabinet, the bed, and wherever material can collect to minimise build-up.

Fan Unit

Woods, acrylics, and MDF release more fumes and residue and are more likely to release flammable oils. Without proper management, this can damage machine components and cause a fire. You should check your impeller periodically for dust and debris accumulation since this can cause the impeller to malfunction.

It is essential to maintain fan units regularly. The frequency and duration of the cleaning should increase with the processing of materials like MDF. Take the extraction hoses off the fan unit and disconnect the electrical supply. Use a soft paint brush to clean the inlet and exhaust ports and the impeller fan in the unit.

Air-assist Compressor

Inspect the air-assist compressor for proper functioning, including the compressor itself. Make sure that there are no obstructions in the filtration elements. Also, ensure that a sufficient supply of air is reaching the cutting head via the delivery hose from the compressor. A flame can break out on some materials as a result of reduced airflow to the nozzle.


It is essential to lubricate the runners and the bed rise and fall with light oil to prevent wear and tear. A simple visual inspection and monitoring of performance can give you a heads-up if any problems arise. By comparing current cuts with original cuts from the machine, you can test your beam quality. If cuts are poor, the laser tube may be weakening, or the optics are dirty.

Maintaining Optics

Having dirty optics reduces a beam's strength. Visually assessing the optics may reveal poor results such as blurry lines, a lack of depth, etc. A dirty optic can burn or combust permanently, causing permanent damage to its lens or mirror.

Make sure you check them every 10-40 hours of work, depending on the material you are processing. You can use cotton buds and IPA solution or acetone together with some gentle cotton buds for this task.

Maintaining Chiller

There is a need for regulating the heat generated by these machines. To prevent the tube from overheating, water chillers lower the temperature of the water. It's valuable to monitor the chiller display for temperature indications and to keep a close eye on the chiller's performance.

Detect any buildup of material in the chiller's filters and remove it every few weeks. Check for contamination and replace if necessary. As regular water contains impurities, it can encourage bacteria growth and clog water circuits, protection devices, and filters. Use deionised or distilled water to avoid this.

Maintaining Laser In winters

It is essential to pay extra attention to your machine during the winter months as the temperature drops. Due to the changing seasons, please be extra cautious with your equipment.

For effective laser maintenance during the winter season, here are a few tips:

Maintain a room temperature above 0°C, preferably 5°C, in which to store the machine.

Be extra cautious in areas prone to sudden temperature drops. Maintaining this temperature will be easier with an approved antifreeze.

Avoid using coloured coolants in cooling circuits, as some formulations can cause coils to rust and damage chiller seals.

Some Final Tips For Best Laser Maintenance

You can extend the life of your laser equipment by following a few final tips.

Immediately stop using the device if you see signs of a power failure, such as smoking or popping.

Keep your laser from jostling its components by moving it only on even ground.

Make sure the laser's handpiece does not point at the device.

Get in touch with the right people if your laser malfunctions or doesn't work properly.

It is important to perform preventative maintenance on your laser machine. In addition to satisfying the law, proper operator training is essential to maintaining your reputation. It also helps in providing a long life to your equipment. Proper laser machine repair and maintenance also eliminates unnecessary expenditures through frequent repairs.

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